Media Request Form

Here you will find various questions that are designed to aid you in discovering how God has uniquely gifted you for His work. Answer each question using a scale of one to five with five being the strongest. Be sure to answer all of the questions and wait until you have completed each question to score your test.

1. I am always looking for practical ways to help.

2. I am comfortable with public speaking and teaching.

3. I like to motivate people to do the right thing.

4. I am a “take charge” person who can help bring order out of chaos.

5. I am able to discern wise use of resources so as to have more to give.

6. When people are in my home, I enjoy serving them.

7. People often tell me that I helped them understand things better.

8. I am always uplifting those who are around me.

9. I can organize people and delegate easily.

10. I have a desire to give quietly without public notice.

11. I try to stop to help motorists in trouble (if not dangerous).

12. I prefer systematic Bible teaching as opposed to a series of unrelated topics.

13. I am very sensitive to the emotional state of others.

14. I enjoy a team effort more than doing the work myself.

15. I am motivated to give unto the Lord at His prompting, not man’s.

16. I sometimes get frustrated when others don’t jump in to help.

17. I find it easy to illustrate spiritual truths and make them clear.

18. I tend to be optimistic - always giving hope.

19. People who talk about problems, but never take action, frustrate me.

20. I have a desire to give gifts that are of high quality.

21. I find it almost impossible to say, “no,” to others.

22. Disorganized messages (with no outline) irritate me.

23. Even in failure, I see the potential in people.

24. I am a goal-oriented person.

25. I believe you can test faithfulness by how someone handles resources.

26. I prefer a “behind the scenes” role. I am not an “up front” person.

27. I get upset with people who use verses out of context.

28. I am able to encourage others, even when I am suffering.

29. I have a high standard for work, both my own and those around me.

30. It is important to be involved in meeting the church’s financial need.

31. I find it difficult to delegate; it is usually easier to do the job myself.

32. People often refer to me as being a “bookworm.”

33. People tell me that I am a good listener.

34. Some say projects are more important to me than people are.

35. When giving to God’s work, it is important that I consult with my spouse.